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Catalog > The Doctor Sentiments Digital Stamps

The Doctor Sentiments Digital Stamps

The Doctor Sentiments Digital Stamps
#DS0167 The Doctor Sentiments Digital Stamps

These sentiments are perfect for all of you Whovians out there. PNG images can also be used as clipping masks in digital projects.

Sentiments Included: Allons-y, Alonso, You will be Assimilated, Bad Wolf, It's Bigger on the Inside, Birthdays and, Bow Ties are Cool, Celebrate!, Delete! Delete! Delete!, Don't Blink, Exterminate!, Geronimo!, You will become Like Us, Are you my Mummy?, I hope your Birthday is Out of this World, You are the Sonic to my Screwdriver, It's Time for your Birthday, Time Lord, Trust Me. I'm the Doctor, You will be Upgraded, Beware the Weeping Angels, It's What's on the Inside that Counts

You will receive 22 digital files in 2 formats: .PNG, & .JPG.

This set includes digital stamp files in JPG and PNG format @ 300 dpi.
JPG images have a white background, PNG images have a transparent background.Digital stamp images can be resized smaller without loss of quality.

After purchase, a link to a zip file will be e-mailed to the address you have on file with PayPal. Download links expire one week after purchase.


With the purchase of Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons digital stamps, you agree to the following terms of use.

These digital stamps may be used for Personal and Small Scale Commercial Use. Images may be used only in printed form. Small Scale Commercial use is allowed as long as you incorporate the patterns into your own design. These files may not be sold as is. Credit is required for ANY commercial use: Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons: www.prettypapergraphics.com. Credit for personal use is greatly appreciated.

  • You may not distribute or share the original files, in part or in whole, in any way.
  • You may not resell these images as a part of a clip art set, digital collage sheet, digital stamp set, or as a stand-alone product.
  • You may not create rubber or acrylic stamps (or other types of stamps) using these images.
  • You may not copy or reproduce the designs sold by Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons.
  • You may not claim the artwork as your own.

Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons reserves the right to amend these terms of use at any time.

By purchasing these patterns you are not purchasing the rights. All copyrights are retained by the artist.

*** 2013 Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons***


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